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About us...

Our kennels are situated in Forrestdale, Western Australia, south of Perth, in a semi rural environment.

Trevor has been involved in dogs for more years than he would like to remember, and many years ago Staffords became his love. He originally bred under the prefix Debalmar. He is most well known in the show scene here for his dog Ch. Waurstafford Shaker (a.k.a. Max). He has also been involved in tracking, search & rescue, police dog training and general obedience with various dog breeds for many years.

Chris became involved in the scene in the early 90s, firstly in the obedience field with a Stafford, a Doberman, another Stafford, and then an Irish Setter (which she also titled in the conformation ring).

Up until this year 2003 we were both long standing committee members of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of W.A., and Trevor has the honour of being the first Life Member of the Club. On behalf of the Club we ran weekly obedience nights for the Staffs. We have achieved some excellent results in the obedience field with our handlers and dogs, particularly with two wheelchair bound handlers, one of whom won the Western Classic Obedience competition (an invitation only event) a few years ago. On this particular occasion Trevor also competed with his Staff Chubrack Mad Steeler CDX (a.k.a. Crass), who actually tied with the winner and came second on a count back. As at the time only 8 dogs were invited to compete at each level, and 2 of the 8 were Staffs we were especially proud of our little team that year!

We are both founding members of The American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Western Australia, and Trevor holds the honour of being the Club's first President.

Trevor was also instructor to the first female Alaskan Malamute in Australia, and the first Shiba Inu in the Southern Hemisphere (second in the world) gaining their CD titles.

Our mutual love and respect of Staffords led us to the American Staffordshire Terrier, which we are now promoting and breeding here, as we believe these two breeds come close to the ultimate "people's dog".

To date we have produced 2 Australian Champions from our first litter, 2 from our second litter, with our "fifth" home bred champion being the daughter of our boy Ch Tothemax Justified. We have also campaigned 2 Macksamstafs dogs to their title here in W.A. Our latest success is Ch Blueskystafs Rock Hard who so far is surpassing all our expectations.


Trevor Pritchard and Christine Findlay